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  • Maintenance of Employee database
  • Chains of events for automated workflow.
  • Daily planner and Time card processing.
  • Multiple levels of security.
  • Generation of Payroll.
Vendor Management
  • Maintenance of Vendor database
  • Includes prices, lead times, ratings of items and services offered by vendors.
Purchase automation
  • Preparation of purchase orders.
  • Follow-up of purchase orders.
  • Recording the receipt of items, and to accept or reject goods.
  • Generation of payment slips to vendors.
Inventory Control
  • Maintaining data about availability of items, raw materials, work-in-process with re-order levels and re-order quantity and also on anticipated availability and commitments.
  • Recording issues and receipts of items in inventory, generation of stock ledger.
Sales Management
  • Maintenance of Customer database.
  • Order collection .
  • Maintenance of new orders, back orders, rejected orders.
  • Credit authorization of customers (if required).
  • Generation of invoice / bill for the recorded sales.
Accounting Packages
  • A full featured accounting system with user-definable a/c heads, ledgers and their groups.
  • Provision for generating trial balance, profit & loss account, and the balance sheet.
  • Security to the database to allow only authenticated users to interact.
  • Support for multiple companies.
Online Shopping
  • Virtual showroom of available products and services over the Internet.
  • Facility to accept orders over the Internet.
  • Online transaction using virtual wallet concept.
Help Desk Engineering
  • Web based call tracking.
  • Web based order processing.
  • Access to product, vendor, and customer records upon authorization.
Online Auctioning (B2B and B2C).
Virtual Office over the Intranet
  • Bulletin boards to share the information and / or ideas.
  • Facility reservation.
  • E-mail applications.
  • Address information management.
  • Task management system for individuals / workgroups.
  • Online project management tool.
  • Online eForum allowing everyone to join anytime anywhere over the Intranet.
  • Document management system.
Data WareHousing
Data Migration
CBT Development
Engineering Related Services
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