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1. What is E-dent ?
  E-dent is a dental study material, which emphasises on Head & Neck Anatomy basically useful for students of Dental Sciences. It acts as a ready reckoner and helps in better understanding of the subject using animated & graphical explanations with voice in English.
2. Who can use this CD ?
  Other than Under-Graduates this CD is widely used by Dental Surgeons, Teachers of Anatomy and those appearing for their Post-Graduation in Dental Sciences. This is very useful ready reference of the subject and anybody interested in Head and Neck Anatomy shall be its user.
3. Whom does this product belong to ?
  E-dent is a CBT developed by e-power-ten in association with Smart Desk Navigators. e-power-ten has proven expertise in making such CBTs and other learning aids over the past couple of years. While Smart Desk Navigators is a team of Doctors who have been instrumental in making this CDs content. The concept & ideas used in this CD are the original works of this company.
4. Who is the Target Audience for this CD ?
  This is basically targeted for the students of First Year BDS appearing in the Rajiv Gandhi University.
5. What are the topics the CD covers ?
  This e-dent CD covers almost all the topics required for a student of BDS as per the syllabus of the Rajiv Gandhi University in the subject titled Head & Neck Anatomy. This acts as a supplement to the text books but does not eliminate the same. The Macro topics that are covered are as follows :- (Head and Neck only)
  • Osteology - Study of Bones
  • Myology - Study of Muscles and its functions.
  • Angyology - Study of Arteries and Veins.
  • Neurology - Study of the Nerves.
6. Can you elaborate the chapters further ?
  The CD follows a chapter wise pattern of explanation. Just to name all the chapters in this CD are :-
  • Scalp & Face.
  • Side & Back of the Neck.
  • Nose and Paranasal Sinus.
  • Carinial Cavity - Skull
  • The Orbit - Eye
  • Parotid, Submandibular & Sublingual Glands
  • Temporal & Infra temporal region
  • Deep structures of the neck.
  • Pre-vertiberal region.
  • Mouth and Pharynx.
  • Larynx and
  • The Summary Charts of each of the above topics.
7. What are our future plans ?
  Now that we have got a good response from this venture we plan to come out with other subjects relating to dental sciences. The topics in the pipe-line are :-
  • Dental Materials
  • Denture Prosthodontics
  • Oral Surgery
  • Fixed Partial Dentures
  • Endodontics
  • Conservative Dentistry
  • Physiology
  • Oral Anatomy and many more.
8. What is the Technology the CD uses ?
  This CD uses Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Sound Forge 4.5 and Macromedia Director. There is animation where ever required to explain movements and all over back-ground voice narration for explainations. The CD is user friendly and has a control panel to replay, rewind, pause or fast forward a particular topic.
  Contact us for a demonstration on 98452-28595. Also visit us at www.epowerten.com
For e-power-ten team,
Piyoosh M. Baldota (Partner)
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